FAQ Painting Decorating

What type of paint do you use?

Dulux - emulsion, gloss, undercoat, primer, depending on surface to be painted.

What is paint blistering?

When the surface is still damp underneath, paint traps the moisture in and causes bubble effects. It needs to be completely sanded down and allowed to dry.

Why is the paint yellowing on my radiator?

Because wrong type of gloss paint has been used and the heat has affected it.

Why is the exterior paint on my outside walls going mouldy?

Moisture attacks surfaces, it needs Weathershield fungicidal wash, then repainted with Weathershield paint.

Why has the wood rotted around the window frames?

Moisture has got into the wood. It needs repairing or replacing and then paint applied to match existing paintwork.

Why has the paint on the outside wall gone powdery?

This is down to wear and tear, and it needs proper stabilising primer, then repainting.

How do I get the room ready for redecoration?

Please remove as many items as you can, or if this is not possible store furniture in the centre of the room. Frampton & Sons will work around the stored items and cover them up.

How do I know which colour paint to choose?

We will provide you with a colour chart, advice and guidance, depending on your current colour schemes.

Do you provide the paint?

Yes we can provide the paint, or you can buy it, we will provide you with quantities required.

Can you provide testimonials?

Yes we have previous customers testimonials.

Do you have a Health and Safety Policy?

Do you know about all the up to date decorating trends?

Yes we can advise on all current colours and wallpaper fashions.